(En)Vignobles philippe mercadier sauternes

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Terroirs and vines


One thing we know for sure. Fine wines owe nothing to chance. They come to life in places where the balance of climate and geological factors is perfect.

Our soils benefit from the favourable conditions exhibited in the Sauternais region.

They are mainly composed of large pebbles, which help to absorb and retain heat on the surface. The lower layers are made up of clay, a highly porous substance that ensures the vines are fed a balanced supply of water.

The soil at each of our estates, of varying sizes, is rich and diverse, giving each wine its complexity and individual character.





Our grape variety selection is classic:

  • 80% Sémillon for richness and structure,
  • 10% Sauvignon for aromatic finesse
  • 10% Muscadelle to bring harmony to the ensemble thanks to its deep yet subtle fragrance, a source of roundness.

The vines demand constant attention and tending to them involves numerous operations all year round. In Sauternes, most of these are still done by hand. Rigorous practices that require a deft and precise touch.

Today, several parcels of our vines are a hundred years old. These ancient Sémillon vines which continue to produce their sweet nectar after all these years receive our greatest care and attention.

At the end of their life, these vines will be pulled out of the soil and replaced by carefully selected young plants. A traditional practice called complantation. Each vine stock will have to yield at least five excellent years to produce a grape that meets our exacting standards.